Class, Style, Speed & Power

Team Rocket

A two ship combination with Eric Hansen in the F1 Rocket, and Ken Fowler in the Harmon Rocket II. Precision, speed, and high performance aerobatics at it’s best….a spectacular show that will bring the crowd to their feet.  Ken and Eric have been performing together in formation for 6 years. … Continue reading

Making Headlines

Team Rocket hits the headlines once again… f

Dazzling Formation Flying

Ken Fowler and Eric Hansen provide a dazzling formation flying show in their matching aircraft the nimble F1 Rocket and Rocket II. These powerful and lightweight machines allow these experienced pilots to showcase their skills in a fast paced and exiting show. The 2 custom aircraft are highly manoeuvrable and … Continue reading

Alberta’s “Team Rocket”

Team Rocket pilots fly the Harmon Rocket monoplane, an all metal home built monoplane based on the popular Van’s Aircraft RV-4. The aircraft’s lightweight and huge power gives it tremendous performance on the air show stage. To manage these two mighty mites of the air, I introduce to you Ken Fowler and Eric Hansen.  Ken grew … Continue reading

Everything you need in a first rate aerobatic team.

World Class Talent

Ken & Eric are both class acts in their own right. Together they help set the bar for professionalism and true showmanship.

Twilight Magic

One of the pioneering teams to offer Twilight Performances, Team Rocket has some amazing tricks up their sleeves...

Formation At It's Finest

Rarely do you see formation flying with more confidence and obvious deliberate talent. Eric and Ken seem to be connected firmly by telepathic tethers and braces. ...